As we all know a property company’s main objective is to maximise profit but it is extremely important to make buyers aware of how to avoid debt and avoid getting themselves into a sticky situation if a mortgage is taken out. We are a nation of aspiring home owners and you would think the financial crisis would put us off the idea of owing money to the banks but we are more than happy to take on debt so that we can have the honour of saying a house is our "own". New figures show that since 2007 mortgage lending is at its highest, first time buyers are in the majority because they are attracted to lower end house prices and shared equity incentives. paying your mortgage

Recorded in July of this year the average household debt stands at £54,110 we have to bear in mind this is including mortgages, taking the current house prices into consideration it seems the average household is trying to avoid debt. Sometimes the bank can take a predatory approach when trying to secure a customer but at some point we as the customer need to take responsibility that we should read and be aware of what we are signing up for in every piece of paperwork before we go ahead with such a life changing commitment.

Property owners need to be more educated and should be more aware before signing on the dotted line as it isn’t just people with lower end incomes that get into financial difficulty home owners with stable jobs and good incomes can also find themselves having trouble keeping on top of payments for example if they have been persuaded to take out more than they are able to afford or their circumstances change. Organisation and budgeting are key to stop people from overlooking bills. By making sure everything is paid just after pay day means that any remaining income can be used for entertainment and you don’t have to worry about late fees. If credit is required to get by after a tough month, be realistic about your repayment date but also only take what you are able to pay back and seek advice before taking on debt.

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Why is it important to have a good property website to attract potential customers.

When you are trying to sell your property or attract customers to your website, there are some key essentials that every website needs. First impressions are really hard to remove and it is these that form the basis of everyone’s opinion of your business.

The look of a good website, is one that manages to combine all the essential information and pictures, without making the site look over-crowed and unusable. Great websites all have a simplistic approach to their design. If there is no need for an item to being on the site, except for a visual improvement, then it is normally left off.high converting property

By removing unwanted and unnecessary extras from your property website, you make it easier for the customer to navigate it. There should be clear and obvious options for a customer to click on. They should not have to rummage around to find the search facility and they should be able to browse all your information as quickly as possible.

A concise collection of pictures can really draw the customers eye to the website and add some gravitas to your work. A rolling gallery would add value to most sites, but if one of the pictures is not displaying properly or is of a low quality then it instantly detracts from any value the customer had previously put in the site.

The visual impression of a website is one of the key contributors to the first impression of a customer, but it is not the only one. Spelling mistakes, bad grammar and obscured text are an immediate turn off for all potential customers. A quick proof read and asking another person to check the text is an absolute minimum before a website goes live. That first impression can be crushed by lazy spelling.

Taking into account these factors will ensure that any website is able to attract customers.